Cancer Genomics and Immunology

I am interested in the genomic basis of cancer, molecular subtyping, and therapeutic possibilities through strategies such as CAR T-cell therapy. My research has involved the use of molecular technologies paired with new and exciting computational biology methods to better understand and treat cancer.

Data Science and Computational Methods

I am interested in the application of data science to address key problems in biology in medicine. My research has involved algorithm development and validation, principled use of machine learning and statistics, and thoughtful experimental design to derive meaningful insight from high-dimensional datasets.

High-throughput Molecular Technologies

I am very excited about the pace of development in molecular technologies in our post-genomic era. My research has involved the analysis of genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic data at the bulk and single-cell level, with the objective of improving our understanding of human health and disease.

Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Development

I am interested in strategies to develop and improve therapeutic strategies for human disease. My past research involved computational methods for microbial-based drug discovery, and my recent work has involved the study of small molecule and cell-based therapies in the treatment of cancer.